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Creating an Eco-Friendly Wedding: 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Special Day Sustainable


Ah, weddings – the perfect blend of love, laughter, and a whole lot of planning-induced stress! You want to make your big day as eco-friendly as possible without turning into a compost heap of stress and leaving a huge carbon footprint behind? Well, buckle up your recycled seatbelt, because we’ve got some top tips on how to say “I do” to sustainability without sacrificing style or sanity! But first, let’s address the elephant in the room – why bother with an eco-friendly wedding in the first place? Well, aside from saving the planet (no biggie), going green for your nuptials can actually save you some green too! That’s right, folks – sustainable weddings are not only better for the environment, but they can also be easier on your wallet. And who doesn’t love saving money, am I right? 

So, whether you’re a tree-hugging hippie or just someone who wants to do their part to leave the world a little better than they found it, let’s turn your wedding day into a love story that Mother Earth would swipe right on. So, grab your reusable champagne flute and let’s dive into the wild world of eco-friendly weddings! 


Venue Selection 

When selecting your wedding venue, opt for locations that champion eco-consciousness. Think beyond the conventional ballrooms and explore rustic barns, serene gardens, or even intimate beach settings. These natural backdrops not only exude charm but also minimize the need for excessive decorations, allowing Mother Nature’s beauty to shine.  

Outdoor Venues  

  • Benefits of outdoor weddings for sustainability: Outdoor weddings often require less energy for lighting and climate control compared to indoor venues, reducing your carbon footprint.  
  • Considerations for choosing the best outdoor venue: Look for venues with natural beauty and green spaces to minimize the need for decorations and landscaping adjustments.  


Eco Wedding Invitations 

Your wedding invitations are an introduction, to your love story and can be environmentally conscious too. Consider invites or opt for recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds symbolizing the growth of love. 



Natural Touch with Flowers 

Flowers add a touch of magic to weddings. Traditional choices can have an environmental impact. Embrace native organic or dried flowers to decorate your ceremony and reception areas. Potted plants or succulents make eco alternatives and thoughtful favours for your guests. 

Sustainable Celebrations 

Incorporate waste reducing practices into your wedding festivities by using dinnerware and setting up recycling stations. Say no to single use plastics. Choose confetti or eco-friendly options like birdseed or dried leaves for your exit toss. Every small effort adds up to a friendly celebration of love. 

Eco-Friendly Attire  

Second-hand Wedding Attire  

Another important aspect of a sustainable wedding is choosing eco-friendly attire. There are several options available for eco-friendly wedding dresses, suits, and accessories.  

– Rent or borrow your attire: Consider renting or borrowing your wedding dress or suit instead of purchasing a new one. This helps reduce the amount of waste associated with the fashion industry.  

– Opt for eco-friendly fabrics: Look for dresses, suits, and accessories made from sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp, or linen. These materials are biodegradable and have a lower environmental impact than conventional fabrics.  

– Consider second-hand options: Consider purchasing your attire from a second-hand shop or vintage stores, consignment shops, or online platforms. There are many beautiful and sustainable options available at thrift stores and consignment shops where you can purchase pre-owned wedding dresses and suits.  

By choosing eco-friendly attire for your wedding, you can contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and minimize the environmental impact of your wedding. This reduces textile waste and supports ethical fashion practices by opting for second hand attire.  




Farm-to-Table Feasting:  

Elevate your wedding feast with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that celebrate the flavours of the region. Partner with caterers who prioritize sustainable practices, minimizing food waste and championing composting initiatives. Your guests will savour the fresh, flavourful fare while honouring the planet with each delectable bite. 


Giving Back Thoughtfully 

Continue the spirit of generosity by supporting causes that matter to you. Of favours consider donating to a conservation organization or offering seedlings for guests to plant and nurture. Your wedding isn’t about love but about making a positive impact, on the world. 

When you start organizing your wedding keep in mind that each eco conscious decision you make contributes, to a better more sustainable future. By incorporating sustainability into your wedding planning, you are not just creating lasting memories. Also leaving behind a legacy of love and environmental responsibility, for generations. Let your special day showcase the beauty of love, nature and the impact of decisions. 





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